Lord Eldon Inn, Knutsford, Cheshire

eldon inn


The Lord Eldon Inn is a small public house in Knutsford which has been the sense of paranormal disturbances for some time. The incidents there were brought to people’s attention by an article in the Knutsford Guardian. Some investigators met and interviewed the new owner of the Eldon. There were some interesting facts obtained relating to the paranormal activity said to have taken place. The Lord Eldon is over 300 years old and is apparently referred to as ‘Location 9’ by the brewery. The pre-conclusion at this time was that some type of localised interactive disturbances were taking place!


There was a photograph found in an outhouse structure of a young woman hanging inside the Lord Eldon a number of years ago. The photograph dates from around 1920’s-1940’s. You can tell this by the clothes and hair. The woman was thought to be Sarah Anne Pollitt. We do not have the said photograph, however here is Sarah Anne Pollitt a few years before her death.

may queen

There were two men staying at the Lord Eldon who claimed to have bad experiences which lead a previous landlady to be associated with the haunting of a female spirit. She said, ” Women tend to have different experiences, not as bad as the men”.  The two men had been awoken , both with a terrible feeling of pressure on their neck/chest areas, also seeing a face apparition up close to theirs. They claimed to have a form of paralysis as they could not move.

The Lord Eldon is over 300 years old, information stating it may have been the very first public house in Knutsford. It was previously known as the ‘The Pack Horse’ and the ‘The Duke of Wellington’ until 1832.

Annie Pollitt, referred to as Sarah Anne Pollitt was the daughter of Mr. James Pollitt, the landlord of the Eldon at the time, she lived a few doors away. Sarah Anne Pollitt was initially thought to have been the woman hanging in the alleged photograph, but at a later date it was confirmed that it was not. There is still no evidence of who the lady is in the photograph. We shall try our best to find this photograph. sarah did indeed become the very first May Queen of Knutsford.


Experiences from previous Landlady/Barstaff

  • People who worked in the Inn have reported feelings of tapping on their shoulders and  tugging and touching them.
  • Objects have been seen to move or break, such as glasses will suddenly drop to the floor or even explode.
  • Kitchen staff claimed to have seen one of the pet cats ‘floating past’ outside the window, as if being carried.
  • Cold spots reported throughout the building, bulbs are often having to be replaced
  • Previous Landlady claimed to suffer from EBE ( Excessive Body Electricity) and has had several ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) experiences since being a child and a knowledge of future events.
  • Objects disappearing and then reappearing in strange or odd places.
  • The alarm to the building has gone off for no apparent reason, usually between 3:00am – 4:30am
  • Claims of the cider being turned off and the cylinders turned on.
  • Apparition has been sighted, said to be of a female in a long grey dress in a ‘smokey’ appearance.
  • Pictures on the wall found to be hanging crookedly in the morning.



Team Spirit Paranormal Investigation Report

We arrived at the Lord Eldon Inn around 10:15pm 22nd April 2018.

As we entered the pub, there was an immediate feeling of presences with us. We met up with our good friends Mark ( the landlord) and Dave & Emma (Forgotten Era).

Reports of Activity

Andy picked up on certain things as soon as we walked into the pub. One being of a child spirit, and two, mentioned about dog spirits.

Just after 11pm Becki and Emma went for a tour around the pub with Emma and Mark. Reaching the cellar head about to go down the cellar steps we heard barrels moving around! There was no one in the cellar at this point! This is a regular occurence in the cellar.


We all had a feeling we were being watched all the time we were there. We did a lot of calling out, and had voices trying to communicate with us through the PSB7 Spirit Box which was interesting. Lell & Becky went towards the Ladies toilets, and as approaching the heavy door, it opened, making Becky jump backwards nearly knocking Lell over, as we knew there was only us two down there. The others were in a completely different room. Here is the door that opened slightly by itself…

If you can see, there are strange dark patches on the photos, we do not know what these could be as the camera was not faulty.

More pictures were taken after seeing these strange marks. Some were normal clear photos, others had these marks… One we captured seems to display on the ceiling a man with a top hat on…Eldon Inn Invest 5.png


During the spirit box sessions later on we had a voice that kept saying “7”, we are still unsure what this represents, whether there were 7 spirits with us, a house number? the number 7 was said quite a few times. Also, we asked specifically if there was a room in the pub they wanted us to go… we had a response a couple of time from a voice saying “kitchen”. The pub doesn’t have a kitchen now, however, what used to be a kitchen when it was a house, is now the pool room. So we decided to go to the pool room. Again getting a few different voices come through. As soon as Mark ( the landlord, who experiences strange happenings every day, also a paranormal investigator) left us to it and went out of the room, the responses got less and less… So we are quite confident that the spirits feel more comfortable and more at ease if Mark is around, as they are a lot more responsive. Maybe they are attached to him, or just simply feel safe when he is around?

TSP also used a glass and light, to see if we could muster up some energies to communicate with spirit, however we only resulted in a slight vibration from the glass.

Andy had mentioned a couple of times that a particular corner of the pub he could smell “death”…This was adjoined to the room where the ladies toilets door moved by itself.


Reports from the current Landlord and Barstaff

  • A Table being elevated from the floor ( an iron table, so quite heavy)
  • Glasses flying off the shelves and bar
  • A brass with the picture of a Phoenix has been found only recently, no one has a clue where this brass has come from?
  • Barrels being moved around in the cellar regularly
  • Photographic evidence of spirits
  • CCTV footage captured e.g. Glasses falling from the bar, hanging pots swinging of their own accord, brass plates flying off the wall, boxes moving, pool ball moving spontaneously across the pool table
  • Feeling of being watched/touched
  • Spirit child being seen

 TSP are hoping to go back to this location. It is a special little place, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We can’t wait to go back to see our friends and the pubs spooks!


Team Spirit Paranormal








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I am Founder/Owner of Team Spirit Paranormal. I am a paranormal investigator based in South Yorkshire. You can find Team Spirit Paranormal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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